HeartMind Integration

HeartMind Integration is a powerful, experiential, spirit-based healing modality. It synthesizes tools and understandings from many sources: transpersonal psychology, Buddhism, shamanism, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, new research on trauma and shame, my extensive work with my own inner teachers and guides - and more. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, physical pain, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, panic attacks, addictions or compulsions, creative blocks, stage fright, phobias, chronic grief or rage, self-hatred, challenging relationships, or something else...

HeartMind Integration works.

How can one approach work with so many seemingly different conditions? The answer is simple: the same malady - disconnection from yourself and from an internal source of wisdom, compassion and love - is at the root of all of our suffering. HeartMind Integration heals by reconnecting you.

This is powerful, experiential work. Most sessions are two hours in length; I also offer practices for you to work with between sessions, to speed your transformative process. Sessions can be done in person, or by phone or Skype. I have many clients whom I’ve never met face to face. It still works!

This is dynamic, unscripted, (r)evolutionary work. It doesn’t follow a formula. I do my best to meet you where you are. I help you identify, trust and develop your own tools and methods. I see and believe in your essential wholeness – and I help you see and feel it, too.

We work at your pace. Ready to heal fast? Some clients experience huge shifts in just a few sessions. Others come for a weekend or week to work intensively. Of course, it’s also fine to schedule sessions weekly, monthly, or as needed.

Your healing isn’t just for you. When you break free of old patterns of depression, anger, fear and anxiety, and experience more vibrancy, life energy and joy, you can bring yourself much more fully to your soul’s calling, whatever that may be. In this way, your healing benefits everyone.

You do not need to hold any particular spiritual beliefs to benefit from HeartMind Integration. Whether you understand yourself to be working with God, angels, spirit guides, your Higher Self, the universe, power animals, or simply the wisest part of yourself – it still works!

But will it work for you? Give yourself the chance to find out! I offer a risk-free first session: if you realize during the first hour that it’s not a good fit for you, we can simply stop, and you will owe me nothing. Or, if you prefer, call me to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation.

My clients say it better than I can:

I was not only able to reconnect with my own sexuality, but was able to transcend my fear of pain to be able to finally enjoy sex with my husband once again for the first time in a very long time...we made a breakthrough. - C.K.

I have to say that deepening my relationship with my guide and doing this work has made such a huge impact already! Thanks again for showing me all of these amazing ways to come back to myself… It makes dealing with the difficult layers of my past possible. I mean, everything is really complicated - the big world, the personal world- but after working with you yesterday I feel like it’s a sort of gorgeous complicated, like it’s worth looking at, like my life is worth looking at… - Nicole R.

My trip... was fantastic. My goal was to not lose my cool around my Dad...I was able to really hear him and understand his point of view on things about my childhood, and I also remembered how I carry him in my heart...It is beautiful, to think of the whole process, and how far I have come in my ability to accept him, and really love him as the father that he is! – Marci S.

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