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A Vulnerable Story About the Power of Shamanic Journeying

Even though it’s happened to me over and over, I’m always amazed. I’ll be wrestling with something for hours, days, weeks… or yes, even years. Then I’ll finally do a shamanic journey and get my guides’ help, and within a few short minutes I get a radically different understanding – and usually a deep emotional […]

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On Regret

Do you ever regret the choices you’ve made, or the choices you didn’t make? (Who doesn’t?!) Recently I found myself indulging in some fantasies about what I might have done if I’d been different in some fundamental ways, or were 25 years younger.  I think it’s part of a process of reckoning I’m in (again!), […]

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Living a Can’t-Fail Life

      Are you ready to awaken, cherish, express and embody yourself – to go beyond fear of failure and live your soul’s calling? Then you’re ready for a can’t-fail life! A “can’t-fail life” is not a life that avoids any appearance of failure. It is most definitely not a life devoid of grief, tragedy, heartbreak […]

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