Creative Mentorship

I offer mentorship, coaching and support to writers at every point on the creative continuum -- whether you're writing for self-development, or extensively published. I work with people writing in all forms and styles, and have many years of experience working with writers long distance.

My focus is on working with you, the whole person, not just with your words on the page. Although I'll offer comments on your work at your request, I generally do so as part of a larger conversation about your creative life and goals. I am a skilled reader and editor, but I'm also a writer, teacher and healer who cares about you, not just your writing. My passion is helping people go deeper into themselves, into their art, into their truth -- and into their own joyful creative flow.

I am going to have to cancel our upcoming appointment because the writing is going so well! I seem to be on the right track now, thanks to your wonderful help. - Anna

Un-Dam the Book!

There are some excellent coaching and workshop programs for writers out there, with names like "Bang The Keys," and "Write the Damn Book." It's easy to understand the appeal of programs like this; if you've struggled with your writing, something that promises to help you just "write the damn book" could sound like a relief!

My approach is different; I focus on process rather than outcome (though I generally find that focusing on process is the most effective way to reach and sustain the outcomes we want!) I believe that our relationship with our creativity mirrors our relationship with our soul, and with the Divine. Human beings are naturally creative. Unless someone or something stops us (usually by shaming us, censoring us, or inducing fear in some other way), our creative energy will flow freely through us, just as water does unless it gets dammed up. Therefore, where there are blocks, there is soul work to be done. Doing it will not only help you write, and free up your creative expression in other parts of your life - it will also bring you more ease, freedom and joy.

I use powerful, playful, spirit-filled tools and processes to help identify what's blocking you, heal or dissolve those blocks, and un-dam your flow (which is why I prefer "Un-Dam the Book" to "Write The Damn Book.") What matters most to me is helping you heal your creative spirit.

Together with Michelle Murrain, I also offer additional support to writers, including co-writing/ghostwriting, developmental editing, plot development, and help with self-publishing and/or promotion.

You might want to work with me if:

  • You want help going further and deeper with your writing.
  • You want to retrieve your voice after a long silence.
  • You find yourself blocked by fear, self-criticism, excessive perfectionism, or other internal obstacles.
  • You sense that something is out of balance in your creative life.
  • You want to use writing to open inner doorways to transformation and healing.

What would our work together involve?

I generally begin with a free 20-minute phone consultation, to find out more about where your creative energy may need unblocking or re-balancing, or what creative aspirations you'd like help in fulfilling. Once we've identified where you'd like to go, we can develop a plan for helping you get there. My toolkit includes hypnotherapy, shamanic and intuitive work, energetic techniques, and a broad spiritual perspective -- as well as more traditional mentoring and coaching skills, and many years of experience teaching creative writing. We can work together weekly, monthly, or at varying intervals.


My creative mentorship rates range from $70-100 per hour. I encourage you to sign up for a package of hours, to give our working relationship a chance to unfold.

$100 for a one-time, one-hour consultation

$80 per hour for a multi-hour package

$70 per hour for a package of ten or more hours

I'll also work with a small group of up to five writers for the same hourly rate - so, consider inviting your friends for a more economical and collegial experience!

Sometimes our consultation leads me to suggest deeper, more experiential work, rather than coaching. Read more about healing through HeartMind Integration, here.

Mentorship Testimonials:

"Ruth has been a wonderful, inspiring, helpful and kind mentor... Her patience in helping me bring my poems to a new level, find confidence in my voice, and focus closely on craft... has been immeasurable."

"Ruth is the most devoted mentor I've ever encountered."

"Ruth Schwartz...has what I believe is a natural ability to bring forth core emotions in each of us. Her unique professional insight as a poet and therapist enabled me to see more clearly the body behind my skeletal poetry. This combination—almost meditative—approach also revealed her deep understanding and compassion for human beings. Under this light I was pushed to explore the emotional essence and being of my own poetry. Her comments were introspective and sensitive. She managed to hone in on my specific needs as I struggled to speak openly about my life and why I am writing poetry."

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