HeartMind Integration Testimonials:

I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have more energy now than I’ve had in at least 20 years. I have a life again – it’s amazing!

-- W. F., Writer and Editor

I can't thank you enough for all the help you provided today…Ruth, we've progressed further today than I've managed in 15 months. You are a wonderful earth guide.

-- Toby

I've been ruminating on everything we've done, letting it sink into and become part of my life. Amazing. I am truly astounded at the impact it is having on my life. Wow. It's quite a gift you're giving me (and everyone you see, I'm sure!)

-- M., Mental Health Worker

Thank you for restoring me to myself yesterday, for helping me to see the truth, for doing this with gentleness and love. You are called to this work, and I am honored to work with you. I am grateful for you in my life.

-- D.S., Teacher

I have felt some amazing breakthroughs, and just in the short time we've worked together, I feel that the lessons I learned in our sessions will stay with me for the rest of my life.

-- B., Graduate Student

Ruth, you've been incredibly wonderful in assisting in this journey. something i wanted to tell you is your absolute neutrality helps beyond words. i've taken that to my own practice and my clients have been disclosing their deeper truths. you do have a gift for this.

-- T., Acupuncturist

I feel very moved and awed by how much I learn and grow with each session. Your "companionship" and guidance on my journey means a lot to me.

-- A.M., Social Worker

Just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate the work that we did together. You are operating at a high level of love, skill, and integrity and I felt safe enough to explore deeply in your presence and with your gentle guidance.

-- R., Reiki Master

I made more progress in my 2nd session than in years of regular counseling. I’ve tried a lot of things, but this is really worthwhile.

-- L.T., Writer and Reiki Practitioner

Ruth is fabulous. Instead of imposing from outside, which is what hypnotherapy sounds like to me, she works with your own symbols and just gently guides you to find your own insight & solutions. I made major movement in my life from just 3 sessions - which were just the most amazing experiences. Try it, you'll like it. 🙂

-- V., Artist

Ruth helped me past a block that 10 years of therapy couldn’t do.....:)

-- K., Filmmaker and Events Producer

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you. I have made more progress than at any time of my life in other forms of treatment. Many thanks...you haven't lost sight of me yet...I will be back.

-- B., Psychotherapist

Thank you, Ruth. For everything you do... I can't believe the impact all of this work has had on me, and yet- then again I can believe it- and recognize how really lucky/blessed I am to be doing it…It’s really pretty amazing… It’s really helping me with being gentle toward myself. I am starting to see how my early years were really complicated and difficult but that by looking at them, rather than avoiding, so much beauty opens up right next to the painful.

-- N. R., Arts Program Administrator

I've been thinking about how you helped me retrieve that part of myself that had been gone so long (so much that you showed up in a dream the other day!), and I wanted to thank you again for helping me with that. It's been so freeing. I really appreciate your helping me through some things this fall, helping me see things in a different light, so to speak. 🙂 Thank you.

-- J. K., Professor

Our journey together was short, but deep and powerful for me. I thank you for your wonderful work and your talented expertise and calm spirit.

-- L.B., massage therapist

… And there's no reason in the world to think that a change of direction isn't absolutely necessary and possible. I owe a lot of this fervor to you and to our conversation the other day. I have tried to think of how to explain the effect it has had on me. A metaphor that comes to mind is something like a child going back to re-watch a movie she once thought was really scary. Seeing those same scary scenes now as an adult (the fake blood, the not-so-convincing ghosts like in an episode of Mystery Science Theatre), it almost seems comical. So when I think about the early wounds of being "dismissed" and see the ways this same fear has infiltrated much of my life…I can simultaneously understand what happened and also feel a kind of release from the power it has held over me.

-- M., Professor

Although I find myself following my old holding patterns of latching on and pining and such, I'm able to let go of it much easier and it comes and goes now, where it had been much more solid before…I've actually been smiling and laughing more in the last few months than I have in years… You are a fabulous counselor. Thanks bunches.

-- L., Editor

Our session yesterday was tremendous, and it helped me a lot… I have a different perspective today, it seems.

-- J.H., retired Law Enforcement Officer

This is very powerful work – light years ahead of what you can do with regular therapy.

-- B. E. S., Psychotherapist

Ruth is amazingly empathetic and incredibly gifted in this kind of work.

-- R. N., Professor

I've seen Ruth a number of times and have found her to have a really good "ear" - she is extremely perceptive and intuitive. Whatever you want to work on, she is there to guide you through the process of discovering for yourself what it is you seek. She's not there to do the work for you but to help you as you work through your own process; she is the non-partial, neutral viewer of your process. For me, she has put pieces of the puzzle together that I have searched for a long time and could not see because I was lost in the pieces. She has been able to see patterns that I haven't been able to see and she has made connections between my various life "stories" that I thought were completely different. When I leave, I know I have resolved something because we always end in a state of resolution. I also know that something has been healed even if I can't put my finger on it. I just walk out feeling a lot more "whole" than when I walked in. The results of a session may show up immediately in my life or I may notice the change more gradually. But something always shifts, if you are willing to do the work. Count on it.

-- L.E., Administrator and Attorney

The phone sessions we did were the finest therapy I’ve ever experienced.

-- L.N., Writer

My main goal in working with Ruth was to lose a substantial amount of weight. Ruth utilized many approaches including drum healing, energy work, regressions and Shamanic practices, all of which provided deep healing – unlike anything I had ever experienced. She made me question my core beliefs and she helped me question the sometimes faulty decisions I’d made about “how things were”. Over the months, I received profound healing in many areas of my life, yet I didn’t feel that I was making any progress with my weight issues. But something changed eight months into working with Ruth. While on vacation, I found myself ordering salads at restaurants instead of my usual cream covered pasta and rich desserts. I found myself wanting to feel good, rather than lethargic and “heavy” after eating. This was the first time in 43 years that I considered the consequences of what I ate! What a concept. For the first time, I wanted to feel good more than I wanted to indulge in a momentary pleasure that would leave me feeling tired and overly full. Within a few weeks of this new approach to eating, my arthritis pain vanished and my blood pressure normalized and I began walking and stretching everyday. I’ve lost over 20 pounds so far and I feel great – body, mind and spirit. I can’t pinpoint exactly what happened in therapy to trigger this shift in my relationship to food and my body, but I know it wouldn’t have happened without the work I did with Ruth. I now look forward to an active future with my body growing healthier every day, no longer an enemy, but a friend. Thanks Ruth!

-- A.M., School Program Coordinator

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